Controlling DuME

DuME is a stand-alone application, but it can easily be controlled from other applications and scripts (like the DuME script for After Effects).

There are two ways to control DuME from outside:

  • Command line options, which can launch DuME with specific instructions.
  • The server API provides an easy way to control DuME through a socket, from the same computer or over the network.


It is not yet possible to completely control every feature of DuME and automate everything.

If you need deep control over the transcoding from another application, or if you’d like a headless version of DuME, it would be easier to use FFmpeg (and the After Effects’ aerender command) by yourself, as DuME does not do a lot more than correctly handling these third-party command-line tools.

In the future, we hope to provide more control over DuME, so it could be used in a completely automated workflow and provide renderfarm-like features. Some other important features (like the render queue) have to be implemented first.