Convert LUTs

If you have to convert LUTs, DuME is able to handle a lot of different formats thanks to OCIO.

DuME can convert LUTs from all formats supported by OCIO, and to these formats:

  • Discreet / After Effects / Autodesk (*.3dl)*
  • Cinespace (*.csp)*
  • Discreet legacy 1D-LUT / Houdini (*.lut)
  • Iridas (*.itx)
  • Truelight (*.cub)
  • ICC profile (*.icc)

*These formats can then be applied to your medias using DuME.


DuME needs the OpenColorIO tools to work with LUTs.
On Mac OS, they’re not automatically installed with DuME (yet). Read this for more information.