Command Line options

DuME can be launched with several options, which is an easy way to add medias in DuME from other applications and scripts.

DuME [general options] [input options] inputFile1 [[input options] inputFile2 ... [input options] inputFileN] [output options]


On Windows, don’t forget to add the extension .exe to the DuME command if it’s not in your PATH variable.


Add a PNG sequence and set its framerate:
DuME --framerate 29.97 "image sequence_0001.png"

Add a PNG sequence and set its framerate along with a WAV sound file, select a preset, and autostart the transcoding process:
DuME --framerate 24 "image sequence_0001.png" "an awesome sound.wav" --preset "MP4 - Standard" --autostart

Getting help

Option Type Description
-h / --help print options but does not launch DuME.
--help:presets / -h:p prints the list of available presets.

General options

Option Type Description
--no-banner Does not output the first descriptive paragraphs (name, version, license and copyright notice).
--hide-console On Windows, hides the console as soon as DuME is launched. This is implicit if there are no other arguments. Useful when launching DuME from other applications.
--minimize / -m Minimizes the window as soon as it is ready.

Input options

Option Type Description
--color-profile profile string Sets the input color profile. One of:
srgb sRGB
bt709 HD Video BT.709
bt2020_10 UHD (4K/8K) Video BT.2020-10bits
bt2020_12 UHD (4K/8K) HDR Video BT.2020-12bits

Image Sequence and After Effects options

Read the After Effects Rendering section for more details about these options.

Option Type Description
--framerate fps / -f fps float Sets the input framerate.

After Effects options

Option Type Description
--comp composition / -c composition string The name of the composition to render.
--rq-item item integer The index of the After EFfects render queue item to render.
--use-queue Just launches the After Effects render queue.
--aerender aerenderpath string Explicitly set the After Effects renderer to use. Note: when using this option, DuME will NOT try to install the rendering templates it needs, they have to be available globally or in the project.

Output options

Option Type Description
--output file / -o file string The name of the output file.
--preset name / -p name string The name of the preset to use. Use --help:presets to get the list of available presets. You can also provide any preset filename to use a custom preset not available in DuME.
--autostart Autostart the transcoding process.
--autoquit If autostart is set, automatically closes DuME once the transcoding process is finished.