Some of the options available in DuME are actually filters applied to the video or audio streams, which modify the data of the streams.

As such, the order in which the filters are applied may be important. It is not yet possible to re-order them, but here is the list of these filters and the order in which they’re applied.

This specific order has been chosen to keep the best quality possible in the stream.

Video Filter Graph

  1. Unmultiply alpha
  2. Deinterlace
  3. Change speed
  4. Motion interpolation
  5. Crop
  6. Any user defined filters
  7. LUT on input color space
  8. Resize
  9. Color management
  10. LUT on output color space

Audio Filter Graph

There are no audio filter applied yet.


The user defined filters are those added as custom FFmpeg parameters using the -vf, -va, -filter:v or -filter:a options.